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October 14, 2019

The title goes here but I can't even think of one

This post is going to be somewhat rambling. It's late and I can hardly think right now anyway, but need to get this stuff outta my brain.

I seem to have developed a heel spur on my right foot. It hit me outta the blue about two weeks or so ago. It's just a self-guess-diagnosis at this point, but after watching several other family members go through this same thing in the past, I'm fairly certain that's what is going on. We can't do anything about it since I don't have insurance. My next doctor appointment is in December, although lab work is in November. I have arthritis in both of my feet, so this extra pain is making walking that much more difficult. I'm using my tippy-toes on my right foot instead of my heel . . . and that gives my leg[s] cramps doing that, which I'm prone to, also.

Last Wednesday, the forecast was for a freeze overnight and low temps for Thursday through Friday. So I cleared my day and harvested veggies at John/Elissa's before it turned cold that night. Sure glad I did because the low for both Thursday and Friday nights was 24°! This was the haul the day I picked it all . . .

How do you like my "painting" of a veggie person? Haha! We all eat fried green tomatoes; some we'll let ripen to red, others will be used for the frying.

It wasn't that great of a gardening year. The cucumbers, zucchini, and sweet bell peppers totally flopped. I've heard other folks had the same problems. A lot of it was due to the flooding rains we had in May and part of June that delayed us all in getting things into the ground . . . our garden areas were nothing but mud and standing water during those weeks. For the most part, there were plenty of tomatoes, Early Girl [regular size] and Sweet Million [cherry]. The jalapenos [regular mild and hot jumbo] didn't produce as many as we would've liked, but what I've brought home I copped and put in the freezer to use over the winter. Same for the few zucchini. There was an abundance of basil, though – so glad for that because we love basil! I spent yesterday and today drying the basil [using the oven], then crunching it up and putting it in a small mason jar. Also harvested all the flower heads for seeds. I'll dig up the cannas when it's their time and will store them for next year.

I had a "friend" who seemed to be following me around in the garden that day. I nearly got him to land on my finger, but I think the tremors I live with [in my hands] made him leary. He did pause long enough for me to get a photo of him.

I doubt he's still alive since the temps plummeted that night. He was moving quite slowly that day anyway, so I knew his end was coming.

I yanked down most of the sunflower stems and cut off the heads to dry the seeds for next year's garden. The head in this photo [which I took on August 25] bulged out a good 8+ inches! I'd never seen one with such a huge bulge like that. It and the other sunflower heads are all drying in the shed now. I did like I've done for years – I put them in a 5-gallon bucket and then go out there every couple days or so to move them around to keep the air circulating so mold doesn't get started.

This week, I have AHG troop meeting this evening; I'll spend tomorrow making sure I have everything ready for teaching the girls more about scrapbooking.

The rest of the week I'll be working on granddaughter Nova's costume for Halloween. She wants to be "True" from True and the Rainbow Kingdom [the girl with the blue hair and yellow boots]. Now, neither Jerry nor I like Halloween. Bad stuff happened and all that jazz. I've always locked the doors and turned out the lights, avoiding the critters stalking houses with porch lights on so they can chant something about smelling their stinky feet and getting candy for their efforts. Bleah. Not for me [us]. Back when my boys were little, I let one of their aunts take them out for trick-or-treating.

Granddaughter Kara turned 12 last week. She's been having some troubles lately – well, actually ever since her daddy died, but lately it's been . . . odd. She doesn't want to be part of American Heritage Girls anymore. *sigh* I'm really sad about that. Then, late this afternoon, I was called on [Amanda and James were still enroute coming back from the game in KC] because of a "situation" where the police had to intervene. The stress of that seems to have upset my stomach some; took a zantac, hopefully it helps soon. I'm not giving out the details of what happened, but I will say my heart is broken and I'm disappointed. If you would, please pray for Kara over the next several days.

Well, that's all for now. Need to try to get some sleep. Blessings to all!

October 10, 2019

Life and time and aging

A g i n g   i s   n o t   f o r   s i s s i e s .

Am I the only one who was told in my earlier adult years that by the time I reached my 60s life would begin to slow down?

Those people lied to me!

If anything, I have a ton more stuff to do in a smaller amount of time.

There's just NOT. ENOUGH. TIME.

Somehow, someway, someone stole a hour or two . . . or three or four . . . from my days. Nevermind that the seasonal time change happens in three weeks. That extra hour won't make a bit of difference in my life.

It just means there are 60 more minutes of more stuff to do.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happier when I'm busy. I work best under pressure and on my own. I'm the one you want to call on for anything last-minute.

On the other hand, I've noticed some positives as I've aged.

At my age, there's no longer any peer pressure. My own decisions – good or bad – are my own. No high school gossip or degrading remarks to deflect. I no longer have to sit by the phone waiting for a date . . . I'm married to my permanent date.

But maybe some of what I think is my "lack of time" is actually due to the change of my "perception of time" as I've gotten older.

My dad always said it seemed that time was moving faster as he got older. I know this to be true since I'm now experiencing it in my own life.

When I was a child, it seemed Christmas would never get here.

And now, it's seems to come around sooner and sooner.

It just appears that time goes more quickly as I age . . . because I know I don't have a whole lifetime left to live like I did as a child.

Hmmm. 🤔 It's sure something to ponder, eh?

September 14, 2019

Once again

So sorry to be absent once again, my friends.

To be honest, this has been an extremely hard year for me.

First, I'm really starting to feel my age of 62. I just can't do everything I used to, even up to last year. Gardening is way harder. Holding my youngest grandson Aero – who at 17 months old weighs like a ton! – is harder. Walking any great distance is harder. Just thinking is harder.


Then, there's everything that goes on with Jerry's medical stuff. Those six hospital stays back during the first four months of this year, and his two surgeries for kidney stones, now bringing the total amount of surgeries he's had for one thing or another since 2008 to a whopping 18! And now his memory problems are really kicking in . . . both sides of his family are riddled with Alzheimer's disease, so he's screwed either way. His dad needs to be in the nursing home with his [step]mom, but refuses to give up. And now I'm dealing with Jerry's mind. Right now he's sick with a really bad head and chest cold, so I know it will be hitting me soon, too. I spent most of last winter sick with bronchitis, strep, and pneumonia because I have no insurance on myself for medications and such.


For some reason, grief has a choke-hold on me this year. My [step]mom died February 2012 . . . my dad died six months later in August 2012 . . .my oldest son Jeff died in November 2013 . . . my best-friend Patti died a few days after Thanksgiving in 2017 . . . one of my son's best-friends, Jason, died in 2018.

Jeff's death day is looming as November gets closer.

I find it hard to focus at times right now.


I have to keep organized for doctor appointments [his and mine], which are every couple months, or sooner depending on how things are going. And handle all his medical bills, our basic bills, groceries . . . and make sure our car keeps going inspite of mechanical problems we can't afford to get fixed . . . etc.

I have to stay on top of the badge work/lesson plans for my two Pioneer/Patriot unit girls and also be working with granddaughter Kara on her unit's work [AHG].

I have to make sure granddaughters Kara and Madison get to do volunteer work at the animal shelter with me.

As a blog friend said on his website, "The hardest thing about being a Christian is that God can sometimes feel so far away."

I told the doctor at my appointment this month that sometimes all I can manage to do is sit with a blank mind.

And pray, of course.

That's the biggest thing for me.


So if I'm absent for several days, just hold on. I'll be back.