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November 29, 2019

Too much busy and other stuff

Yes, I'm still here on earth. Ha ha.

Sorry for the lull in my blogging. Blame it on the busy-ness and other things of life.

Jerry twisted both knees a few weeks ago when he came out of the elevator and turned way too quick . . . had to rest up for a couple weeks. Annnnnnnd then he did it again.


My apparent heel spur has become even more painful. Walking is a whole new torture. Sometimes the pain is so bad I feel sick to my stomach. I move very slow and watch every step so I don't accidentally bump that heel (which I've done!). No, I can't afford a boot nor one of those knee walkers . . . no extra $$ and no insurance. I'm just handling it as best I can.

Since I'm teaching the Memory Maker badge – scrapbooking – at AHG troop meetings, I've been engulfed with that. I'm so proud and impressed with what the girls have accomplished so far as they've learned. Every one of them jumped right in and love it! Yes, I have photos, and yes, I will do a post of them. Now we're on hold for that badge until March as we switch to the Social Skills & Etiquette badge over the winter months. The SSE badge work will culminate in their planning a Tea Party for the end of February for moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, etc.

No, we didn't do Thanksgiving. We haven't done Thanksgiving or Christmas for a long time. Mostly it's always been pretty much hit and miss. I've never really been much on holiday decorating anyway, except for a couple years when we went all gung-ho back when the oldest grandkids were still in elementary school. We don't miss it at all. This is the way we prefer it. People look at us like we're crazy, but we are of the mind that the season – and all year long – are about Jesus, not how we decorate or what gifts a person gets or how much food people can stuff in themselves.

John and Elissa are in babysitter transition. They gave their daycare sitter (she does the daycare in her home, only has 4 kids in the daycare, then her two who are in school) their 2-week notice mid-month. They got tired of doling out $1,000 a month for Nova and Aero. They were required to pay the full amount regardless if the kids are sick, or even if she or her kids are sick, or during the off-weeks when Nova is with her dad in Newton, etc., etc. It's part of the county contract to keep a child's placement in the daycare and part of her licensing as a home daycare provider. Apparently $1,200 is the going rate for our area. Oiy. Next Monday, the kids go to a different family who homeschool their 5-year-old daughter. They're a wonderful Christian family – the mom is a friend of one of the other leaders in our AHG troop, so I know of her! John, Elissa, the kids, and I went to meet them last week. They have a big room dedicated to homeschooling and it's so cute!! Maybe someday I might be able to show you a couple photos of it. Nova and Aero were absolutely taken with their daughter and the set-up.

The beginning of this week meant sickness in John and Elissa's home. First one then the other of them all got sick, work was missed, and we babysat Aero here at our apartment Monday through Wednesday (this is Nova's week at her dad's) so I wouldn't be in their house with all the rampoant germs. Monday I made cookies with Aero . . . yes, I have photos, and yes, again, I wll do a post with them. Tuesday was coloring and a homemade sticker book and grampa teaching him to use a little Nerf gun. Wednesday you would have been able to tell our energy was running on low. John still feels under the weather, I think Elissa is okay for the most part.

Gramma and grampa are just taking it easy for a while now. I'm trying to catch up on some things, household and troop documents and record-keeping and such with a laptop I've been fighting with since the last Windows update. 😠

Well, just wanted to check in with everyone. Sorry I've been so lax in visiting your blogs lately . . . at some point I will catch up!



  1. I've heard that heel spurs are pretty painful. Sorry you're afflicted with that. I don't think that's what my SIL had. She went to Walmart and got some special shoe inserts that helped her. At least at Walmart things are fairly reasonably priced.
    How unfortunate that Jerry BOTH his knees. I hope that heals quickly. Take care, G.M.

    1. Oh, yeah, I forgot to say I did happen to get some inserts from Walmart. I might get another package and put those in, too, see if that helps any. I'm getting good at tippy-toe walking, but man, that makes muh back and leg tired after a while. Hopefully it goes away sooner than it did for my son when he went through this... his lasted nearly a year. Bleah. Thanks, GM!

  2. I'm sorry that you're experiencing so much pain. If I did't feel so guilty, I probably wouldn't decorate much either. Without the kids at home it just doesn't seem worth it. They did decorate this weekend though. They all wanted it do it together for the first time in almost 20 years!
    It was really good to hear from you my friend.

  3. I had the heel spur and limped while trying o teach. A good friend told me about Dr Scholls inserts
    Helped and spur was better
    Sounds way too simple but it worked!!!

  4. Hello there. I am happy to have found your blog :) Heel spurs are so painful (I have a sister-in-law who suffers a lot of heel pain) and it must be awful not being able to walk properly.
    I read what you have written about your son Jeffrey. What a dreadful thing to have to go through - he was far too young and my heart feels for you and your family.
    We might learn how to go on with our lives, but they always remain in our hearts, don't they? It is sixteen months now since my darling was taken from me and I still miss him dreadfully. But I know that one day we will go home as well, and then we will meet up again with our loved ones. Mxx

  5. I have 2 boots from when I broke my ankle a few summers ago and they are gathering dust in our garage. I have 2 because the first one was too small! If either fit, I can mail it to you. write me here if that is a help: roosjeblog AT yahoo dot CA and I will write you back etc! big HUGS! so many difficult things!!!

  6. I am sorry you heel spur is so painful. How awful. I always think about you and the loss of Jeffrey when I visit here..and how it must make the holidays a painful time of sorts.

    I hope you enjoy the season even if you don't celebrate the way many folks do. I am a firm believer in live and let live--to each their own. xo Diana


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